Freeform Tempo Dressage Saddle

Our newest Dressage saddle. Ride in a balanced position that combines comfort with superb craftsmanship. Close contact & perfect amount of seat cushion. Fully adjustable to fit most horses & riders. Try one out with our demo program ... you will love it.

To ensure the correct size/fit for horse and rider, please call us at (540) 271-4577 and we'll be happy to assist you.


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Freeform Tempo Treeless Dressage Saddle

Announcing our newest and very beautiful Freeform Tempo Dressage saddle. This saddle offers the most lovely opportunity to ride with a close contact and the perfect amount of seat cushion - something all of our treeless saddles are known for.

The Dressage Tempo can be used for a variety of riding disciplines. It provides security and comfort on long trail rides, in the arena, or in high-level Dressage training.

Enjoy the Ride with Balance & Unity

With only the lightest of leg and seat aids, you can achieve the communication that we all strive towards. Come and enjoy the ride with balance and unity... your horse will love it.

This saddle puts you, the rider, in a balanced position that combines comfort with superb craftsmanship. It is fully adjustable to fit most horses and riders. Try one out with our demo program ... you will love it.


  • Clean mono flap
  • Modest knee rolls
  • The best quality Italian leather

Note from Paulita:

I am by no means a dressage rider, although would love to be. I have ridden in this saddle and LOVE IT. I would never of thought I would have wanted one for myself (the Trail rider/ ex-endurance rider that I am). Not only will this be a lovely dressage saddle, but I think it will be great on the trail too.

Saddle Base Sizing

  • Standard 22" Base - Fits all seats
  • Shortback 20" Base - Fits 16" and 17" seats
  • EXTRA Shortback 18" Base - Only fits 16" seats. Note this size is a special order. Please allow 6-8 weeks.

Choosing the Correct Seat Size for Your Freeform Saddle

The primary consideration for the rider of a treeless saddle is the seat size. The Freeform Saddles are available in seat size 15” – 19” [English saddle seat sizing].

How To Measure Yourself for Your Freeform Saddle

It is helpful to have someone assist you. You will need a tape measure.

  1. Measure Seat SizeSit on a stool or chair so your thigh lies parallel to the ground.
  2. Use a tape measure to measure the length of your upper leg from the back edge of your buttock to the point of knee (see red line in diagram).
  3. Using the chart below, find your measurement in the left column - and note the seat size referenced in the right column. This is your recommended seat size.

NOTE: These are guidelines only. Please call us at 540-271-4577 with any questions.

Seat Sizes

Leg Length (Up To) / Seat Size Required

  • 18" / 15"
  • 20" / 16"
  • 22" / 16.5"
  • 23" / 17"
  • 24" / 17.5
  • Over 24" / 18"

Sizing Tips

You should go for the next size up if you:

  • Prefer a roomy seat.
  • Have a horse with a dippy or sway back.

Customer Reviews

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Lori Krenzien
My most fussy saddle fit horses were so much happier and moving freely

As a Dressage trainer and instructor for more than 35 years, I've ridden in many saddles and on different breeds of horses. Within the past 10 years I've been focusing on the Iberian breeds, such as the Lusitano, Andalusian, Friesian, and other Spanish breeds. Typically, these breeds are more difficult to find a good saddle fit because of their physique being large shouldered, broader and shorter backed with an up-hill build. The typical saddle did not work and was pinching the shoulder area. I went on a mission to find something more flexible and saw Freeform saddles in an ad, which included a dressage style saddle they called the Tempo. So, I went on a limb and had one shipped to my house to try. Instantly my must fussy saddle fit horses were so much happier and moving freely. I love the Mono flap which takes your leg closer to the horse. The leather is of quality and beautiful with color and leather options. So many other features such as the adjustability of the seat and leg position, and seat sizes can be changed out. Most importantly, I can use it on any of my horses and it can be ordered in a "short back version". The underside of the saddle conforms well to all my horses. Skito pads work very well with this saddle and can be customized to each horses' needs. A big Thank You to Paulita Neff and Freeform saddlery for an excellent product!"
Lori Krenzien
Owner, Trainer and Instructor
Angel Wings Equine Center LLC
Pierce, CO