Treeless Saddles for Trail Riding

Woman sitting on her chestnut colored horse on a wooded trail in a Freeform Pathfinder PJ treeless saddle

I’ve been a treeless saddle rider for over two decades and designer since 2013. Over the years, I’ve transitioned to trail riding from endurance riding. Of course as my focus changed, so did my designs. That said, all of my treeless trail saddles are also fit for endurance. It’s just that the trail saddles have a bit more tooling, colors, comfort and safety and are not as minimalistic as our earlier endurance saddles.

It was hard for me to realize that my body could no longer do the crazy long endurance rides - like trotting for 50 miles. I had to refocus on what I could do and not dwell on what I could no longer do. With trail riding – and comfort and security – in mind, I designed our all time best seller in 2015, the Ultimate Trail saddle. It quickly became our most popular saddle. Loved by thousands of women and men.

Designed by Women for Women - Men Love it Too

80% of my clientele are women over the age of 50. Most are trail riders. Comfort and security are on everyone’s wish list. The Ultimate Trail seat is specifically designed to fit a woman’s pelvic bones – wide in the seat, narrow in the twist and high in the cantle. Turns out men love it too. Regardless of gender, it puts you in an incredibly balanced position. This saddle has personally changed how long I’m able to ride and my comfort level. Long walks no longer hurt my lower back in this incredible seat. No matter if I’m posting all afternoon or gaiting down the trail, it is comfortable.

Woman riding a bay horse on a hill top in a Freeform Ultimate Trail treeless saddle.

Then in 2019, after many more trail miles and adventures, I came up with two new designs: the Pathfinder and the Pathfinder PJ. The Pathfinders add extra security with a new knee roll that keeps your leg comfortable going downhill and while gaiting. These Pathfinders and the Ultimate Trail are our top selling saddles. In 2023, we designed and added the Sassenach with its all-purpose seat and cradling knee roll. All designed with the trail rider in mind.

Let’s Make Trail Riding Fun

Trail riding should be fun. I wanted tacking up to be fun too. Our treeless saddles:

  • Are lightweight (starting at 9 lbs)
  • Have easy adjustments, so we don’t waste our riding time messing with a saddle
  • Are comfortable for the horse and rider
  • Allow freedom of movement for the horse’s body
  • Provide safety for us as we travel the trails, whether we’re riding up and down mountains or just enjoying some flat land riding
  • Offer adjustments for the rider, so that we can easily make tweaks as our bodies change. And, of course, offering the same adaptability for the horse.

Our goal is to give you - and your horse - the most comfortable saddle to enjoy over the trails.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just grab a 9 lb saddle and tack your horse up to head out on the trails? Something super comfy and secure? A seat that will keep your butt happy all day? A saddle that allows your horse to move correctly using his body and lifting his back?

Hanah Catalino riding a brideless Gruella colored mustang horse in a Freeform treeless Pathfinder saddle inside a corral with trees in the background.

Bit-less and barefoot long distance trail rider, Hannah Catalino, riding in the Pathfinder saddle. Read Hannah's story and why she says her saddle is truly revolutionary.

Treeless Trail Saddles by Freeform

After fitting many horses over the years in our Freeform saddles, I now have three treeless saddles especially suited for trail riding horses – and also comfortable in the seat.

Pathfinder PJ

Rust and black treeless saddle on a fence with woods in the background - Freeform Pathfinder PJ.

The Pathfinder PJ offers superb comfort and security with added knee roll and pommel. Comfy seat for trail riding. Ride downhill with ease. Custom colors available.

Pathfinder (with or without fenders)

Brown Pathfinder treeless saddle by Freeform.

 The Pathfinder – the most comfortable and secure trail saddle we have designed yet. Deep cantle holds you in. Beautiful Italian leather seat adds comfort with a bit of grip. Soft interchangeable pommel provides security. Cutback to fit all withers – from mutton to shark fin. Also available with fenders.

Ultimate Trail

Best selling Freeform Ultimate Trail Saddle sitting on a fence.
The Ultimate Trail – Our most popular saddle! Wonderful gel seat fits women and men. Puts you in a balanced position – and keeps you in the saddle for many hours of riding. You’ll love the comfort and security of it.


Freeform Sassenach Treeless Saddle
The Sassenach (English Wanderer) - Beautiful design + super comfortable English style seat with a narrow twist. A lovely hand tooled mono flap with a super soft & secure cradling knee roll that tucks you in so you feel very secure. All purpose to suit many disciplines!

Questions? Contact Us!

I hope this information helps you and your horse in some way. If you have questions, shoot us an email or give us a call (540) 271-4577. Whitney and I are here to help. Our trail horses need well fitting comfy saddles – and we do too!

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Happy Trials, Paulita & Whitney

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