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Owners of Freeform saddles tell their stories of the wonders of treeless saddles – happy horses, comfortable rides, and saddles that truly fit. Find more reviews in our store’s saddle pages and browse the many raves below that riders have shared over the years - organized by endurance, trail and hard-to-fit.

Hanah Catalino kneeling and smiling by her mustang in a Freeform Pathfinder treeless saddle in a snowy field with a fence and hill in the background.

Some Reviews from the Saddle Up Shop

Freeform Pathfinder PJ treeless saddle in brown/black.

“Just want to say how much I love my Pathfinder PJ! I use it on both my recreational/trail bred paso finos. I have a ton of trail miles and hours on the saddle now. No sore backs and spines are dry. Perfect sweat pattern every time. The saddle is secure and oh so comfy. Most businesses these days need customer service lessons from Paulita. Her customer service is top notch. She responded quickly and spent A LOT of time answering all of my questions. She also created and sent a couple of different saddle pads for me to try until we found just the right one to work the build of my horses. The investment in a PJ or any of the Freeform Saddles is worth every dime. Thank you Paulita.” – Kim



Freeform Pathfinder treeless saddle in black and tan.

“I am a veterinarian and utilize animal chiropractic, acupuncture and laser therapy in my practice. Up until recently, I have always ridden in treed saddles. I currently have a horse that has never been happy in a treed saddle, even when they seemingly fit her. So, I began looking at treeless saddles and I have tried no less than four different brands. When I tried the Freeform treeless saddles it was obvious from the first moment that my horse was happier. She was much more relaxed, forward and moving better through her back. I have had the Freeform Ultimate Trail Saddle and the Pathfinder for 5 months now and both my horses are very comfortable and happy. I’m so pleased to have found Paulita and the Freeform Treeless saddles and to recommend them to my clients.” – Carol



Freeform Navarra Treeless Saddle

“This is by far the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden on. It [Freeform Navarra] has just enough knee roll to keep you in place going downhill and over jumps and just enough behind you to keep you secure. The seat is supporting and cushy for long rides. Well worth every penny – and I could fit the base to my hard to fit Arab and the seat to me. Neither of us has to compromise. Totally recommend this one! Paulita is great to work with too. I had to try a couple of different sizes to fit and she was so laid back helping me out. Mailing saddles back and forth for trials with other companies has been painful in the past, but Paulita made it easy as can be. She is awesome!” – Karen



Freeform AP (All Purpose) Treeless Saddle

“I like to lightly jump my horses for cross-training and have had fun taking them to shows or on rides where jumping is involved. We’re also blessed with several horses, and we live in an area where many people ride hunters, jumpers, or event and I wanted to have a saddle that friends could ride in the style they were used to. I considered getting a treed jumping saddle for just one horse, but I really wanted to be able to jump with all of our horses, and not be on the saddle-fitting merry-go-round that personally I’ve had in the past with treed saddles, even trying to fit one horse. I’m able to weigh my horses regularly, and they commonly gain and lose over 100+ lbs a year! I want my horses to be comfortable. Enter the Freeform AP. This is our FOURTH Freeform, and the seat in my opinion, is the BEST. I have no idea how they did such a true narrow twist with a treeless. The cantle is also nice, without being too sloped-it really is an English seat on a treeless saddle. The saddle is very close contact, since it’s a monoflap and treeless. I ride in it with English irons and have a safety open-stirrup bar. Ask Paulita for help setting this up. My friends and I really enjoy this saddle; it’s the one our college-age friends ask for when they want to ride.”  – Jaime


Freeform Ultimate Trail Treeless Saddle

“I never dreamed 5 yrs ago my dream horse would turn into a saddle nightmare. I have tried everything from western, to treeless to fancy bareback pads. She has a lot of confirmation faults that made fitting her very challenging. I was on a web site reading comments when somebody brought up treeless saddles. Somebody mentioned that Freeform had great quality, and their saddles were very comfortable and had great craft. I looked them up and thought what do I have to lose – they have a demo program.

I wasn’t ready to give up trying to find something for her, so I contacted Paulita and sent her pictures. She said that she would be up to the challenge if I was and we got started. One thing that caught my attention was the narrow twist in the seat. That has been wonderful. I have sat in a lot of saddles and never one as comfortable as the Ultimate Trail Saddle. I can ride for hours and never have any hip pain. It has been a blessing. Maybel is doing a lot better and I think once she doesn’t have in the back of her mind that riding causes pain we will have it made. Each ride gets better and better. I am forever grateful to Paulita for being there for me and Maybel. I’m not sure where we would be without all her help. I am looking forward to many happy trails. This has been an answer to my prayers.” – Becky

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Browse the many raves that riders have shared over the years - organized by endurance, trail and hard-to-fit.

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