Treeless Saddles for Endurance

The top endurance riders in the world have chosen Freeform treeless saddles over the years. Not only are our saddles super comfortable for the rider, we have tons of adjustments for you to enable the correct seat and balance over the long miles. We strive hard to have all the fitting options that you will need to correctly fit your horse over the long haul as well.

A horse can lose up to, or over, 90 pounds on a 100-mile ride. Think of what that does to your horse’s back. You need a saddle that can adjust and move freely with you over the distance. Freeform is the answer for many riders, including Tammy Gagnon, Rusty Toth and Suzanne Ford Huff.

Top endurance rider Tammy Gagnon riding her gray horse on a desert trail in a Freeform Classic treeless saddle.

Top endurance rider Rusty Toth on his sorrel horse in the mountain desert riding in a Freeform treeless saddle.

Most Winning Treeless Saddle of the Tevis Cup

If you look over our website and read the history of the Tevis Cup, you will see that Freeform has been chosen by many of the winners -  and also those of the Haggin Cup. In fact, we are the top winning saddle in the past 25 years.

We have built our saddles to:

  • Withstand the distance
  • Distribute the rider’s weight
  • Move with the horse’s back
Endurance rider Suzanne Huff riding her bay horse on a trail with trees in the background in a Freeform classic treeless saddle with the ultimate trail seat

"I have been using Freeform Saddles since just after they first came out - so for 10-15 years. I used them exclusively with both my homebred 3000 +decade team mares, Sd SzZaphira3 and SD Expressa10. Between the two, they had 14 100-mile finishes (13 of those were Top Ten) and 19 BC's!"    -  Suzanne Ford Huff

If you’re in the market for a treeless endurance saddle, you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to read some of the many endurance rider raves we’ve received over the years. You’ll also find reviews on our saddle pages as well.

Treeless Endurance Saddles

Ultimate Trail

Best selling Freeform Ultimate Trail Saddle sitting on a fence.
The Ultimate Trail – Our most popular saddle! Wonderful gel seat fits women and men. Puts you in a balanced position – and keeps you in the saddle for many hours of riding. You’ll love the comfort and security of it.

Classic Cutback

Freeform Classic Cutback Treeless Saddle - for High Withered Horses

 The Classic Cutback - Offers wither relief with all the benefits of going treeless. A very comfy all-around saddle great for endurance, as well as general pleasure riding, flatwork, hunting, and some jumping. This saddle has been the choice of many of the top endurance riders

Pathfinder (with or without fenders)

Brown Freeform Pathfinder treeless saddle with leathers sitting on a fence with fall foliage in the background.

 The Pathfinder – The most comfortable and secure trail saddle we have designed yet. Deep cantle holds you in. Beautiful Nubuck seat adds comfort with a bit of grip. Soft interchangeable pommel provides security. Cutback to fit all withers – from mutton to shark fin. Also available with fenders.

Classic DKR

 Freeform Classic DKR Treeless Saddle for Endurance Riders

The Classic DKR - Offering the same technical qualities of the Classic line - with the addition of removable and adjustable Freeform Flexi-Blocs (knee rolls) under the front flap. The DKR model allows you to individually tailor thigh and knee support.

Questions? Contact Us!

If you have questions, shoot us an email or give us a call (540) 271-4577. Whitney and I are here to help.

Although I no longer do endurance myself, I still continue to strive to fit and design saddles for the endurance community. To correctly fit for the long-haul. Whitney and I would like to thank the endurance community for choosing Freeform over the years. We know if these saddles work for the endurance world, they will work for the rest of the equestrian world.

Happy Trials, Paulita & Whitney

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