Freeform Ultimate Trail Saddle

Our most popular saddle! Wonderful gel seat fits a woman's pelvic bones. Men love it too. Puts you in a balanced position - and keeps you in the saddle for many hours of riding. You'll love the comfort and security of it.

To demo this saddle, or to ensure the correct size/fit for horse and rider, please call us at (540) 271-4577 and we'll be happy to assist you.


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Freeform Ultimate Trail Treeless Saddle - Endurance, Trail or Dressage

The Freeform Ultimate Trail is our best selling saddle - Best Selling Treeless Trail Saddle - The Ultimate Trail by Freeformits incredible comfort and security make it a favorite seat for trail, distance riding, and endurance!

We even have high level Dressage riders using this saddle - riders and trainers report that they find this saddle extremely balanced.

Wonderful Gel Seat that Fits a Woman's Pelvic Bones

After many years of riding, I wanted to design a comfy saddle for my older body. I worked for a few years on prototypes of different seat styles. Finally, I’ve come up with what I think is the perfect seat! A wonderful gel seat that fits a woman’s pelvic bones. It’s wide in the seat, narrow in the twist and high in the cantle with soft gel poleys. This seat will keep you in the saddle for many hours of riding. I’m in love with the comfort and security of it. Even though I designed it for women, men are loving it too!

You can also purchase the seat separately. (Note this seat runs small; plan to size up one. See more information in the Sizing sections.)

Enjoy the Trail with Comfort & Balance

Your leg will drape lightly against the side of your horse. You will feel extremely balanced and comfortable in this beautiful Italian made saddle specifically created by Paulita for distance riding.

With only the lightest of leg and seat aids, you can achieve the communication that we all strive towards. This saddle puts you, the rider, in a balanced position that combines comfort with superb craftsmanship.

It is fully adjustable to fit most horses and riders. Try one out... you will love it and your horse will love it.


  • The most comfortable seat on the market
  • Includes choice of either 2” wave leathers or western fenders
  • Interchange billet system to achieve the correct girth placement
  • The best quality Italian leather and craftsmanship

Note from Paulita:

I designed the Ultimate Trail Saddle in 2015. It quickly became our most popular saddle. Loved by thousands. It personally has changed how long I’m able to ride and my comfort level. Long walks no longer hurt my lower back in this incredible seat. No matter if I’m posting all afternoon or gaiting down the trail, it is comfortable. It will fit you like a glove. The Wave leathers help my knees by not twisting them in a place of pain. Honestly, I think we are riding all day in a LazyBoy recliner.

Ultimate Trail Treeless Saddle Video Overview

Please view the Ultimate Trail treeless saddle overview video in the product media section above.

Saddle Base Sizes

  • Standard 22” Base - Fits all seat sizes
  • Shortback 20” Base - Fits seats up 18"
  • EXTRA Shortback 18” Base - Fits up to a 17” seat

** PLEASE NOTE: The Ultimate Trail seat does NOT run in a normal sizing - sizing is based on rider height and weight. If you are in a 17, you will need to bump up to a 18. For instance, I’m 5’6” and 145 (most of the time) I ride comfortable in a 18 Ultimate trail seat. Usually I would be in a 17 or 17.5”. Please see below for more information on measuring for your seat size.

Choosing the Correct Seat Size for the Ultimate Trail Saddle

The primary consideration for the rider of a treeless saddle is the seat size.

** PLEASE NOTE: The Ultimate Trail seat does NOT run in a normal sizing. Sizing is based on rider height and weight. Please call us at 540-271-4577 for sizing assistance.

The Ultimate Trail is available in seat size 16.5” – 20”.

If you are in a 17, you will need to bump up to a 18. For instance, I’m 5’6” and 145 (most of the time) I ride comfortably in a 18 Ultimate trail seat. Usually I would be in a 17 or 17.5”.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Christie Miller
Truly the Ultimate!

I am getting so many questions about my Ultimate Trail saddle. Especially from folks in my FB horse groups. I keep posting your web link and name to the questions.
I truly do love my Freeform Ultimate Trail saddle. It is so incredibly safe and so comfortable for both Shadi and me. We tried at least half a dozen other saddles on this horse's back and nothing allowed him the freedom of movement that this saddle offers him. I was even able to lift it onto his back after only three months past-op on my torn rotator/dislocated biceps shoulder surgery. My Freeform saddle is now over ten years old and still looks like new. It's gone out for well over 500 rides and thousands of miles!! This saddle is truly "The Ultimate"!

Brooks and Blanco, update

We’re still riding in our Ultimate Trail Saddle. I loved this saddle when I reviewed it in 2020, and I still love it. My horse, Blanco, loves this rig and it’s all we ride in. Thank you, Paulita, for this saddle. Everyone at my barn is skeptical until they sit in this saddle. And Blanco looks fabulous and moves beautifully in this saddle no matter what time of year it is. Still loving it……:)

Melissa C.
Love it - super comfy and light weight

This saddle is super comfy and light weight. I got the ultimate trail saddle and love it. I am balanced and my horse Judy and I are a good team using the freeform treeless. Judy has broad shoulders and this saddle is wonderful. My teacher got in it and said it feels like riding on a couch. It feels like that and it's only 10 pounds!!! It fits my pelvis perfectly and also my hard to fit draft cross horse. Tried and true. Whitney & Paulita worked with me to make sure I was happy and comfortable. They even let me return the Pathfinder, my first choice, in exchange for this one... Truly I feel this company just wants the customer & especially the horse to be happy, for the long haul. I am blessed to have purchased such a beautiful and well made saddle. Good people, exceptional quality saddle.

I've had it one year & would buy it again!

I purchased the Ultimate Trail saddle almost a year ago and I am still as happy with the saddle today as I was when I first received it. With the addition of panels and a supportive pad with inserts as recommended by Paulita, I have a winning combination that performs well for the horses I have used it on. I was absolutely amazed to look down while riding and see the horse’s entire shoulder free and moving. It was quite odd at first because most saddles cover up the shoulder area and I kept thinking the saddle was too far back. The seat is comfy and despite the minimalist style of the saddle it provides a great deal of security. I use this saddle for riding trail with lots of trotting, mountain obstacle courses, and mountain trail riding. If I had to replace this saddle today I would buy exactly what I have again. Dawn Keeler - a satisfied customer.

Carol Lundquist DVM
My horse is happier in Freeform Treeless saddles!

I have 2 Freeforms - love them both. Adding my review to both saddles!
I am a veterinarian and utilize animal chiropractic, acupuncture and laser therapy in my practice. Up until recently, I have always ridden in treed saddles. I currently have a horse that has never been happy in a treed saddle, even when they seemingly fit her. So, I began looking at treeless saddles and I have tried no less than four different brands. When I tried the Freeform treeless saddles it was obvious from the first moment that my horse was happier. She was much more relaxed, forward and moving better through her back. I have had the Freeform Ultimate Trail Saddle and the Pathfinder for 5 months now and both my horses are very comfortable and happy. I'm so pleased to have found Paulita and the Freeform Treeless saddles and to recommend them to my clients.