5500 Pocket Western Trekking Saddle Pad by HAF Equitation

Carry your lunch, your water bottle and more without tying on an extra pack! The HAF Equitation Pocket Western Trekking Saddle Pad provides exceptional cushioning for your horses back and practicality for the rider.


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HAF Equitation Pocket Western Trekking Saddle Pad

The HAF Equitation Pocket Western Trekking Saddle Pad has a soft Sympanova lining which does not absorb the horse's sweat and is very skin friendly. The nodules of the Sympanova material gently massage the horse and create some airflow and cooling.

Riders love this saddle pad for it's practicality. Carry your lunch, first aid kit, etc in the generous pocket located at the rear of the pad on the left side. The skirt of your western saddle fits conveniently behind the pocket so you can easily remove items.

The HAF PK-70 insert like memory foam, is a flexible polyurethane foam. PK-70 foam is light weight, durable, supportive, comfortable and very breathable. The 1 3/4" foam is sewn into the top part of the pad for maximum comfort for your horse's back while leaving the lower half of the pad thinner for closer contact.

The Dry Sec top layer with its net type structure allows quick evaporation and cooling for the horse. This material is very strong and wear resistant and very easy to clean.

  • Cool and comfortable for your horse's back
  • Excellent breathability with Air-System Technology
  • Open cell padding

Horses sweat to maintain their core body temperature; therefore, when riding, it is important to utilize materials that do not interfere with this process.

HAF's Air-System Technology is a special combination of technologically advanced materials that do not interfere with your horse's cooling processes. The high tech materials are breathable, keep the horse's back cool, and provide comfort even during high levels of perspiration.

Dry Sec, used as the cover of the pad, is an air-net type material for maximum breathability and is made of 100% polyester for long wear. The Sympanova underlay gently massages your horse's back while optimizing grip without irritating your horse's back.

PK-70 Open Cell Foam Padding protects and comforts your horse's back leaving a perfect sweat pattern and dry spine channel.

EASY CARE: Machine wash the pad on a gentle cycle using a mild detergent. Hang or lay flat to dry.

HAF Equitation 5500 Pocket Western Trekking Saddle Pad Measurements

Topline Length: 28 1/2"
Overall Length: 31"
Cantle/Seat Width: xx"
Flap Length: 19"
Flap Width: n/a
PK70 Padding: 1"

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