Freeform Classic DKR Trail Treeless Saddle

The same wonderful technical qualities of the Freeform Classic line, with added removable and adjustable Freeform Flexi-Blocs (knee rolls) under the front flap allowing the rider to individually tailor thigh and knee support. The knee and thigh blocks are made with Bayflex foam with a density that is adaptable for adjustment by the rider.

To demo this saddle, or to ensure the correct size/fit for horse and rider, please call us at (540) 271-4577 and we'll be happy to assist you.


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Freeform Classic Trail Treeless Saddle with Detachable Knee Rolls (DKR)

Freeform's DKR is designed for the rider who may wish to perform dressage one day, enjoy a day's trail ride the next, practice jumping, or do a little ring work. Its detachable, removable knee blocks allow you great flexibility and ensure correct leg position and support for various disciplines.

Offering the same technical qualities of the Classic line - with the addition of removable and adjustable Freeform Flexi-Blocs (knee rolls) under the front flap - the DKR model allows you to individually tailor thigh and knee support. Freeform's standard y-girthing system greatly reduces movement of the saddle on the horses back and helps distribute the rider's weight. New girthing flap allows full adjustability.

Note: This saddle comes with the Ulitmate Trail seat. Other more English style seats will surely work on this lovely saddle too. Pricing also includes a set of the new Freeform EasyFit Stirrup Leathers.

Standard Features

  • Removable seat that is interchangeable with different sizes
  • Removable and adjustable kneerolls (DKR#20 standard)
  • Option to purchase additional different knee rolls
  • Matching leathers with adjustable stirrup attachment designed to allow different stirrup positions
  • Girth straps stitched on a "Y" system - helps to spread the pressure over the whole of the saddle
  • Standard with our NEW 3-D ring billet system. Designed to fit the horse's girth grove.
  • Lined with sympanova and Velcro for panels
  • 15 D-rings

Saddle Base Sizing

  • Standard 22" Base (Standard Base) - Accommodates seat sizes 15" - 19"
  • Shortback 20" Base (SB Base) - Accommodates seat sizes 15" - 17"

Leathers Sizing

  • 26" - for riders 5'4" and under
  • 29" - for riders 5'5" to 5'9"
  • 32" - for riders over 5'10"

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sandy S
Still LOVING my amazing saddle

Hi Paulita, I purchased a saddle from you a couple of years ago and I have been meaning to tell you how much I love it! It is amazingly comfortable and has significantly reduced the aches and pains I get when I trail ride. -Sandy

Jaime W.
MY IDEAL saddle!

The cut-back DKR with the Ultimate Trail seat is MY IDEAL saddle! I’ve had an Ultimate Trail saddle for years, and love that it ALWAYS fit my horses.

However, as I’ve gotten older, and I had a severe accident that made me a less secure rider, I knew I needed to do something different with my saddle. I did try several expensive, professionally fit TREED saddles but came back to Freeform as I just couldn’t get any of them to fit my horse like Freeform, and my horse always comes first!

We made a big trip to drive up to Paulita’s and she very generously spent so much time with me letting me sit in what felt like every saddle in her beautiful shop. When I sat on the DKR, I felt like Cinderella finding her slipper! My leg fit into the long dressage leg position I like to ride in, and I was able to move the blocks to fit my thigh exactly.

This saddle gave me back so much of the confidence I lost, and I even got a NEW and very challenging green horse, who I was the first person to ride in EIGHT YEARS in my DKR. I’m comfortable and free to move (I’ve ridden 50 miles two days in a row in this saddle) but I also have really nice support, between the knee blocks and the high canter of the Ultimate Trail seat, where I feel like I’m nice and sticky in the saddle.