Freeform Panels - Endurance Style Saddle Bases

Our panels help provide even pressure distribution and good clearance over the spine. Professional industrial strength velcro attaches the panels safely to the saddle, with suede leather around the panels for appearance and longevity.

Panels open easily for customization or replacement of inserted materials. The Sympanova material provides a nice additional cushioning effect of the saddle panels. Suede underside with velcro strips for panel attachment. Easy panel adjustment for various horses' conformations.

The panel comes WITHOUT a foam filler. The Poron is a wonderful insert for the panel.


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Pressure Scans Show Very Even Weight Distribution

These panels are the cats meow! We've done pressure scans with computerized saddle scanner and are getting GREAT scans back on different shape and size horses. Very even weight distribution and YES even under the stirrup velcro attachment (Poron is the foam material I use with the panel cover). I've been riding many races with the panels/Poron and Vetting through with all A's on all my horse's back. Yippee. Call me for more info.

If you order the poron inserts, I will adjust the shipping charges on my end and credit you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lynn Lawrence
The process was easy.

I was worried about trying to install the panels on my saddle. Paulita and Whitney made the process very easy. I sent pictures of the panels on the saddle and then on the horse. Paulita responded back quickly with a few easy changes which I made. She looked at the new pictures and said they looked good. I went for a ride and my horse seemed happy with the panels and how they felt. He was ready to gait off into the sunset!

Karen Wade
Endurance panels

I rode two horses today using the saddle with the panels and a very thin pad. Both horses have good withers, but very different backs. It was very easy to adjust the fit by moving the panels. I really liked the way the saddle felt with less bulk from a pad under my legs. Rosie (my picky girl) seemed to like it, too – moved out very freely, especially on the downhills, which are not normally her strong point. Next I need to try it on the two slightly downhill, more mutton-withered girls. Update: Used the saddle with panels on one of the rounder horses - easy to compensate for low withers and very stable even for some major spooks.