Videos for Gaited Horses

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Helpful information for gaited horse owners and riders. Gaited horses are often a fitting challenge due to their unique shoulder movement. Our saddles work wonderfully with gaited horses. You can also watch these videos on our Vimeo channel.

Watch a Gaited Horse Move in a Freeform Treeless Saddle - Lovely Free Shoulder Movement

Watch noted gaited horse trainer Ivy Schexnayder ride Spice in a Freeform Scout Treeless Saddle. This slow-motion video demonstrates how free the shoulders can move on a gaited horse when in the right saddle. Free movement is especially important for gaited horses. With these breeds, the horses pulls with its front end and pushes with the hind end. Anything that interferes with free shoulder movement – whether it's a saddle that pinches or a rider who grips with her knees or thighs – is restricting the horse's forward movement.


Shoulder Relief - Prevent Saddles from Sliding Back with Skito Pads

See how we prevent the saddle from sliding back on gaited horses with proper pads. Our customized Skito pads help keep the saddle in place on horses with big shoulders. Designed to specifically fit your horse's back, level the saddle and distribute your weight, these pads allow for full and free movement of your horse's shoulder while keeping your saddle in place and you and your horse comfortable.


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