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All about pads! From how to clean your pads to how pads help with saddle fitting, our tips cover Skito and Freeform saddle pads. You can also view our videos on our Vimeo channel.

How to Wash Your Freeform Saddle Pad

Freeform Saddle Pads are machine washable. Find out how to prepare your pad for machine washing.


Skito Custom Pads for Freeform Treeless Saddles

Exclusive to Freeform, we've partnered with Skito to build a pad that can be customized for your specific fitting needs - including high and extreme peak withered horses. Together, we've developed a laminated foam/felt configuration to provide better support and comfort for you and your horse. For the Treeless Saddle advocate, all of our foam inserts are beveled to eliminate pressure points and allow your leg to lay closer to your horse. Two pommel ties allow you to attach the pad securely to your saddle to create an air channel down the spine.


How to Clean Your Skito Pad

Proper care for your Skito pad is important. Get our recommendations for washing, air drying and fluffing your fleece after it dries. Learn why we advise not to wash with a hose.


How to Place Your Skito Pad

Get an overview of the Skito pad we custom make to fit your horse's back. See how to place the pad, place the saddle on the pad, center the pad under the saddle and ensure an even contour at the front and back of the pad.


How to Remove Shoulder Relief Foam from Skito Pads

See how easy it is to remove the shoulder relief foam from your Skito pad. Be sure to save the foam in a protected container in case you need to use it later for a different horse.


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