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Trail riders share their stories about Freeform treeless saddles and horse/rider comfort.

This Saddle Is Truly Revolutionary - Hannah Catalino

I am primarily a bitless and barefoot rider. I loved the idea of long riding (a continuous ride 1,000 miles or longer) in a treeless saddle for my next great adventure. However, I felt there was a lot of mixed reviews on many treeless saddles out there and it made me initially hesitant and unsure. Treeless was completely new to me as was riding such vast distances a day. Still, custom tree saddles didn’t make sense as I knew my horses back shapes would change with muscle gained and top lines changing - so I did not want to invest in a saddle that would not ultimately fit.

This propelled my interest in treeless as a potentially perfect option. Plus, I had two or three horses that would accompany me on the trip at different times and be swapped out. For my journey to be successful, I would need to fit them with an excellent pad and comfortable saddle that allowed flexibility in not just their individual body changes but different horses as well. To avoid any soreness was the ultimate goal.

Weight distribution - or the commonly believed, lack of - was where I was initially leery of making the jump to treeless. However, I quickly learned the Freeform Treeless saddles are like no other on the market. Read the rest of Hannah's treeless story - This Saddle Is Truly Revolutionary - 700 Miles & No Discomfort.

Hanah Catalino riding a brideless Gruella colored mustang horse in a Freeform treeless Pathfinder saddle inside a corral with trees in the background.

In Love with the Ultimate Trail Saddle & What It's Done for My Horse

I’m in love with this saddle and what it has done for my horse during and after a very rough stretch. I’ve had the Ultimate Trail saddle & Freeform pad for a year now. Blanco’s back is still changing as he comes back in rehab, but through it all the saddle has fit both of us perfectly. Read the rest of Brook's & Blanco's treeless story - In Love with the Ultimate Trail Saddle & What It's Done for My Horse.

Woman sitting on a white horse in an indoor arena using the Freeform Ultimate Trail treeless saddle.

Comfortable Horse Trekking in New Zealand

We operate a horse trekking business in the South Island of New Zealand and offer rides for all abilities, from short walking rides for first time riders to longer, faster paced rides for experienced riders. We now also offer multi day rides into the NZ high country, over rocky terrain, through rivers and along steep cliffs.

Almost all of our 25 horses wear Freeform treeless saddles and we find them just perfect for the job. They are extremely comfortable to ride in, offering plenty of seat support and comfort for beginner riders but also helping to prevent the dreaded numb bum during our longer and multi day treks. Our customers regularly comment on how enjoyable it is it ride in these saddles!

Most importantly for us is the comfort they provide to our horses whilst being ridden by a wide variety of clients and abilities. The horses are all extremely happy in these saddles, never sore, sorry or grumpy despite working almost every day taking our clients out on lovely treks. Ben Lomond

Horse and riders crossing a creek on a horse trekking trip in New Zealand. Horse are all wearing Freeform treeless saddles.

No More Blisters - Missy Lentsch

I wish I would have discovered my Freeform a long time ago. Bareback was my favorite way to ride; now I get the close contact without the blisters on my bottom. Paulita was amazing to work with. I am a picky shopper, she is patient and helps you find just what is right for you and your horse.

Young woman sitting on a black and white paint horse in a Freeform treeless saddle.

Happy Riding -  Robb & the Carrot Crew

(Robb purchased our Ultimate Trail Saddle for her four horses: an Arab, an Arab-Appaloosa cross and two Lusitanos, four very different backs.) “What a great experience I’ve had working with Paulita on finding a lovely saddle. While on a new saddle quest, knowing what was wanted and not wanted, Paulita was very flexible on sending me a huge box to work with combinations that would fit/work for a variety of horses and a changing middle-age body!

Between intermittent riding due to weather, I appreciated the fact that she worked with me on try-out time. It is nice to have optional, flexible, nice quality leather to come up with a saddle that works just for me and my guys. Now the hard part: to sell all the other saddles in my dining room and purchase one more FreeForm for my one special guy in one of those lovely custom leather combinations!!! Thank you Paulita and FreeForm” Happy riding – Robb & the carrot crew!

White horse with a grey mane and tail walking in a barn paddock.

Love It , Thanks Paulita -  Nina Bomar

My friend Paulita Neff is at it again with more treeless saddle surprises. She’s the one who designed my gorgeous moss green Freeform saddle, which I absolutely love. Now she’s developing some new designs after making a trip to Italy and working with these fine saddle makers. She’s very committed to helping people and their horses succeed with the treeless. She has invested herself and her resources with the goal of accommodating so many equestrians who each have different needs. This is not only her business but it’s her passion. I can’t imagine what will come next from this talented lady but I’m sure excited and will stay tuned. (Nina has several Freeform saddles, the Classic Trail and the Freeform Ultimate Trail.)

Woman standing at the top of a hilly range between her gray Arabian horse and pet grey donkey after a ride in her Freeform treeless saddle.

Takes Comfort to New Heights - Trish Broersma

I’ve been really happy with my Freeform FreeGait saddle for the past several years. My Rocky Mountain gaited horse moves more freely in it, compared to a number of other saddles I’ve tried. And the seat was surely comfortable. But THIS SEAT, the Ultimate Trail, takes comfort to new heights!!! The day after I got it, we did an endurance ride (photos here) and I was amazed at the difference. Thank you, Paulita, for your dedication to creating this excellent upgrade for my FreeGait!

woman riding a chestnut rocky mountain gaited horse on the trail in a Freeform saddle

A True Testament to Her Comfort - Melissa Kellams

I just wanted to send you an update since we have had our Freeform saddle for a few months now. I have to tell you, I am impressed! For the first time since I have owned Rydel she stands to be saddled without being tied or anyone holding her. She used to pin her ears and try to bite me when I would tighten the girth, and now she doesn’t even flinch! This is a true testament to her comfort with this saddle, something I have never had with other saddles.

We have been riding up and down hills, in the arena, and at every gait. With past saddles, we would get a new one, it would work for about 2 or three months and then she would be sore, but with the Freeform, this is not the case. Thank you for helping us choose the right saddle for us!

And more from Melissa: I wanted to tell you a story about my mare and our Freeform saddle. Last night in the arena she rolled in the snow with my saddle on! This is an absolutely wonderful thing (although slightly nerve racking to see my horse put 800 lbs onto my beautiful leather saddle) because this truly shows how comfortable she is in this saddle. She would never even consider rolling in another saddle, so this is a huge deal for us! I’m so happy! I wrote about the experience on my blog and you are welcome to share it with your clients: http://my-life-naturally.blogspot.com/2014/02/accept-saddle.html

Also, the saddle is perfectly fine, no scratches or anything to worry about and with it being totally flexible, it is in great shape! Thanks again!!!

Picture of a black horse looking at the camera wearing a Freeform treeless saddle in an indoor riding arena.

Works with Each of My Horses -  Linda Secrist

I’ve probably put about 75 hours on the saddle at this time. I love how comfortable it is for my bony butt and how well it works with each of my horses that are all different shapes. They all love it too!

This summer we had a lot of rain in Texas and high humidity. I had to bring all my other saddles in from the barn to keep them from getting mildewed. The Freeform stayed in the barn and never developed one spec of mold. Love it!

Here is a picture of the saddle on my looks-like-a-thoroughbred Paint horse. Doesn’t he look handsome in the saddle? On this particular ride, the saddle was not as comfortable for me and I felt my pelvis being tipped forward. In looking at the pictures afterward, I see that the saddle was too far back. Next ride I moved it forward and it went back to being my favorite saddle. Thanks for a great saddle and all the hard work you did to get me the one that was right for me.

Bay horse with four white socks in a Freeform treeless saddle being led by a woman in breeches and a riding helmet.


Very Comfortable. No Soreness - Lou Hanscom

I am so happy with my saddle. Rode for a couple of hours today and no movement or soreness for “Rain”. Very comfortable. Here are some pictures of Rain and me with our new saddle. So far I am so pleased with this saddle. It is extremely comfortable for me and must be for her as she has been consistently quiet. The wool stuffed panels help with stability. Thanks for being so helpful.

Woman standing with her blaze faced sorrel horse wearing a Freeform treeless saddle.

Never Ridden in A More Comfortable Saddle - Lisa Rosairo Reitermayer

Wanted to let you know that I had been reluctant to use the new saddle until “my” new seat arrived. Didn’t want to scratch the one I was returning. However, this past weekend The Mounted Patrol had our annual weekend camp out for Search and Rescue training. I decided to bring my Freeform to show everyone.

We had already put long hours in on horseback when I decided to try the Freeform. What a HUGE difference!! I have never ridden in a more comfortable saddle. I felt like I was riding bareback on a horse made out of gel cushioning! And it is so light and easy to handle. I was also able to use it comfortably on both my horses. Most impressive since my patrol horses are a 16 hand Walking horse and a 14.3 Racker!! It made riding a joy again.

I switched back to my old saddle for a blackout night ride. I didn’t want to risk damaging my Freeform.  What a mistake! I felt every bump and step my horse took. With each step a jolt of pain shot up my poor, weary spine. I was shocked. I’ve used my old saddle on patrol for years. I was never aware of how uncomfortable it was. The Freeform has opened my eyes! I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful saddle. I will definitely be purchasing more of them for my family. Official duties in class “A” uniforms start in a month. Can’t wait to sport my horse in the new saddle.

Again, thank you so much for all your help. The saddle couldn’t be more perfect!
P.S. Several members had to try it out as well. It was a huge hit!

Mounted police officer on a sorrel and white paint horse wearing a Freeform treeless saddle.

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