Freeform Saddle Pads - for Treeless or Treed Saddles

Freeform saddle pads were designed to replace the popular HAF saddle pads. When HAF saddle pad company went out of business, it left a large hole in the pad market. I spent two years redesigning the pad and adding many improvements: high wither relief, much better foam, a strong sympanova underlay - or NEW 100% wool fleece backing, and top quality craftsmanship. These pads are made in Italy, exclusively for Freeform. Available in standard and shortback English and Enduro sizes, with a choice of sympanova or wool feece backing.

The special open cell foam allows a perfect perspiration of the horse's back, drastically reducing the accumulation of body heat and humidity under the saddle. The pad has a velcro opening to remove or replace your inserts and add shims, if needed. This lovely pad is so easy to clean. Simply hose off or wash it in your machine, gentle cycle. The Upper material is a air-net type material permitting nearly immediate transpiration.  Please contact us at 540-271-4577 with any questions - we're here to help!

What Others Are Saying About Freeform Pads

"We love our new Freeform wool-back pad. Not only is it handcrafted beautifully but thus far I have used it on four of my horses and each one of them had zero complaints. I just did back to back 50 milers with this pad too and both horses had clean, cool and relaxed backs. I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve rinsed it with warm water at least three times and left it to dry on the hitching post. The wool comes out perfectly clean and has retained its fluffiness. I can’t wait to get more pads once their inventory has been replenished. It is a five star pad in my opinion and my new favorite." - Nina B.

"I just bought one (Freeform Enduro Shortback pad) from you and tried it out on a tough hilly conditioning ride last week. It’s AWESOME! Even better than my Haf pads with it’s extra support and thickness. I raved to my friends how nicely it held my Freeform saddle in place even when I had to mount from the ground." - Tonya

"I got this Freeform Enduro Standard Saddle Pad in the beginning of May 2019. I have used in on many training rides and two 25 Mile CRTs. I have been very happy with this pad. It fits my Freeform Freewest saddle very well. I particularly like the Velcro keepers that line up with D-rings on the saddle to keep it in place. I also like the shape in the front that allows good wither clearance. The sweat pattern is good and the spine is nice and dry. I have never noticed any back soreness from this saddle/pad combination. The pad also seems to be cool on the horse and low maintenance for me." - Dale

"I won this pad in a giveaway, which was super exciting because I never win anything, but also because the pad is awesome. I have a Freeform Classic, and have been riding with a HAF pad since I got it. This pad is so much nicer than my HAF. The foam is much sturdier than my other pad and keeps my horses back so much cooler. I love the Velcro tabs and that I can take the foam out to wash it. My mare is so much happier in this pad as well! She hardly sweats at all, even on the hot, humid days we have been having. As a result, the pad dries out really quickly. I would definitely buy this pad!" - Katie J.

"The Freeform pads are very well made, and I have a friend that has one, you can see the quality of the pad… I love them!!" - Courtnye

"We have made out well with a HAF pad, but I love that you have access to the inside of the pad on the Freeform pad!" - Katie