Freeform Classic Scout

Deep secure seat design offers a higher pommel with a narrower twist. Provides long distance riders comfort and security. Soft knee rolls provide additional assurance. Comes with Wave Leathers.

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Freeform Classic Scout Treeless Saddle

The Classic Scout combines the beauty and comfort of the time-tested Classic model that riders have been enjoying for many years with even more security.
  • The new Scout seat design offers a higher pommel with a narrower twist, along with a deep seat to provide long distance riders comfort and security.
  • Added soft knees rolls provide additional assurance along with a snug fit.
  • Two-toned brown and black leather with fancy decorative tooling.

Bells & Whistles You'll Love

This saddle has all the new bells and whistles that the other Freeforms have - and more:
  • The Classic Scout's seat cantle is the same as in the ultimate trail seat I designed - giving you a lovely deep, secure seat with a narrow twist.
  • Added bolster option (that is removable if not wanted) and added jockeys to really give you a great seat!
  • Your legs will drape nicely under you for the correct balance.
  • Small wooden fork offers extra security and a nice place to rest your hands… or hang your “stuff.” The wooden fork can be removed and replaced with foam, if needed.
  • Wave Leathers (included)

Note from Paulita:

I've now been riding in this saddle for over a season.... WOW, I love it. The security is awesome. I'm jumping things in the woods I wouldn't normally do. Yes, I'm a chicken in my older age. LOVE the new twist!!!

Fitting Information

Fitting your horse is a breeze with the new full girthing option. The Classic Scout will accommodate the panel system for the hard-to-fit horse, or the heavier rider.
  • If using panels - We are happy to make a pad recommendation for your specific needs when using panels. Feel free to contact us at 540-271-4577.
  • If not using panels - I highly recommend using a Skito pad. We have redone the foam in the Skitos for the Freeform. A nice improvement!
Free one-on-one fitting is offered for all Freeform saddles - to ensure your saddle fits both you and your horse. We also offer a demo program - try one out, you will love it. Please contact us at 540-271-4577 with any questions - we're here to help!

Choosing the Correct Seat Size for the Freeform Classic Scout Saddle

The primary consideration for the rider of a treeless saddle is the seat size.

** PLEASE NOTE: The Freeform Classic Scout seat does NOT run in a normal sizing. Please call us at 540-271-4577 for sizing assistance.

If you are in a 17, you will need to bump up to a 18. For instance, I’m 5’6” and 145 (most of the time) I ride comfortable in a 18 Ultimate trail seat. Usually I would be in a 17 or 17.5”.

Saddle Base Sizing

  • Standard 22" Base (Standard Base) - Equal to a western 17" and a 19" in an English
  • Shortback 20" Base (SB Base) - Equal to a western 15" and a 17" in an English

Leathers Sizing

  • 26" - for riders 5'4" and under
  • 29" - for riders 5'5" to 5'9"
  • 32" - for riders over 5'10"

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jaime W.
Dan LOVES his Freeform

My husband started riding a little over a year ago and has progressed to finishing a 100-mile endurance ride in that time! He started riding with “my” gentle horse, and I told him he had to ride in my Freeform Ultimate Trail, both because it fit my horse, and because I wanted him to learn how to balance himself, not to be able to get into a sloppy position and grip the saddle and later have to un-do all of those bad habits. However, when he grew as a rider and wanted his “own” horse, it was also time to get him his own saddle, so off to Paulita’s we went, with Dan and his big green Arab. Dan sat in several saddles and liked the Scout right away. It looked like the Ultimate Trail he was familiar with, but I also think the pommel was smart (did I mention his horse is green!?). It has a wider twist, which honestly isn’t the right fit for my body, but he felt really good in it. His horse was “up” even on a short test ride, and I was trying to talk him into something with a bit “more”-maybe a Classic?-when Paulita found the “Classic Scout”. It has flaps, which believe me, make a big difference to have that bit of traction under your leg when your horse is being spunky. It also has a small knee roll. Dan originally worried about the extra weight on his horse from the flaps, as he is a heavy weight rider, but we held up both saddles and really there is no noticeable difference. I’ve seen him sit some pretty spectacular bucks and spins in it, and even when he’s been tossed, and his own body loses balance-the saddle has caught him. We still have the gentle horse, and when people come to our farm and want to get on a horse for the first time-the Classic Scout is what we put them in. Or when friends who are expected riders talk me into letting them ride some of the hotter horses-they are always glad to have the Classic Scout. The flexibility of the saddle has also been nice. When he started, he wanted his leg a little more out front, as he would catch himself on his feet when his horse got spooky. As he got better, and rode further, he realized that position was putting pressure on his knees and thighs, and transitioned to a dressage seat, with his feet under him. It was no problem in the Freeform, as we just moved the leathers back a fraction of an inch at a time as his body adjusted, something we’d never have been able to do in a treed saddle-we would have ended up buying multiple saddles.
It’s comfortable as well as secure-we adjusted several saddles to his horse and body when he started his 100 mile ride, thinking that no matter how comfortable a saddle is, at some point, his body would appreciate a change, or something would start to bother his horse-but nope, he was comfortable in it the whole time, and I could never find any points of soreness on his horse, who I was checking carefully every 15 miles or so.

Valerie Shull
Love it - Indy's moving much more freely

Hi Paulita! This is Valerie in Ohio. Just wanted to tell you I absolutely love my new saddle. Have been able to get back to riding lately and have ridden quite a few miles in it. My horse’s Indy seems to move much more freely and slides right into gaiting much easier. Thanks for the awesome saddle and great customer service!