Skito Custom Pads for Freeform Treeless Saddles

Exclusive to Freeform, we've partnered with Skito to build a pad that can be customized for your specific fitting needs - including high and extreme peak withered horses. Together, we've developed a laminated foam/felt configuration to provide better support and comfort for you and your horse. For the Treeless Saddle advocate, all of our foam inserts are beveled to eliminate pressure points and allow your leg to lay closer to your horse. Two pommel ties allow you to attach the pad securely to your saddle to create an air channel down the spine.

Foam density is a key in regards to comfort, support and durability. This new foam/felt combo is working great with all the riders I've set up this way. Rusty Toth finished the Tevis, vetting through with all As on Far's back. Believe me, Far's withers made him a tough horse to fit! Check the pad out in our video below. This pad also offers an alternative to fitting with Freeform's traditional panel system.

Skito's DRYBACK® pads are constructed to release heat and moisture from the large back muscle into the atmosphere. Air flows between the saddle and saddle pad thanks to the addition of 3M™ Nomad™ matting (DRYBACK®) to the top of the saddle pad. In the past, the heat and moisture stopped in the top layer of the saddle pad because the saddle became an obstacle to transpiration. The addition of Nomad™ matting (DRYBACK®) enables air to flow under the saddle to evaporate the moisture and dissipate the heat normally trapped against the saddle. Simply put, the exclusive SKITO wool efficiently wicks the heat-laden perspiration to the open cell foam insert, which acts as a dense sponge pulling moisture and heat away from your horse to the surface of the pad.

Please contact us at 540-271-4577 with any questions - we're here to help! Ordering Note: Once you purchase a Skito Custom Pad, we will contact you via email to begin the custom fitting process for you and your horse.