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Save $568 on a great saddle for endurance, distance and Trail. Extra secure seat with fork/pommel and a narrow twist. Beautiful two-toned black & brown leather with tooling and fenders. Looking for leathers? See the Scout with leathers.

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Freeform Scout Treeless Saddle - with Fenders

A true beauty! The Scout was designed in late 2015 by Paulita, Susie and the gals at Freeform after hearing from a few ladies that they wanted an extra secure saddle. The Scout is similar to our Ultimate trail saddle - but with a fork/pommel and a NARROW TWIST.

Bells & Whistles You'll Love

This saddle has all the new bells and whistles that the other Freeforms have - and more:

  • The Scout's seat cantle is the same as in the ultimate trail seat I designed - giving you a lovely deep, secure seat with a narrow twist.
  • Added bolster option (that is removable if not wanted) and added jockeys to really give you a great seat!
  • Your legs will drape nicely under you for the correct balance.
  • Added small wooden fork offers extra security and a nice place to rest your hands… or hang your “stuff.”
  • Two-toned leather (black base with brown accents) and beautiful tooling on the jockey.
  • Fenders are black. Brown fenders are available upon request. Standard fenders are for folks 5'5" and taller. Short fenders are for folks 5'4" and smaller. If you are interested in leathers, please see the Scout with leathers.

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Fitting Information

Fitting your horse is a breeze with the new full girthing option. The Scout will accommodate the panel system for the hard-to-fit horse, or the heavier rider.

  • I highly recommend using a Skito pad or Freeform Pad. We have redone the foam in the Skitos for the Freeform. A nice improvement!

Free one-on-one fitting is offered for all Freeform saddles - to ensure your saddle fits both you and your horse. Please contact us at 540-271-4577 with any questions - we're here to help!

Sale saddle, a nice $568.00 discount, sorry no returns at that lovely discount.

Seat & Saddle Base Sizing

The primary consideration for the rider of a treeless saddle is the seat size.

** PLEASE NOTE: The Freeform Scout seat does NOT run in a normal sizing. Please call us at 540-271-4577 for sizing assistance.

  • Standard 22" Base (Standard Base) - Equal to a western 17" and a 19" in an English
  • Shortback 20" Base (SB Base) - Equal to a western 15" and a 17" in an English

If you are in a 17, you will need to bump up to a 18. For instance, I’m 5’6” and 145 (most of the time) I ride comfortable in a 18 Ultimate trail seat. Usually I would be in a 17 or 17.5”.

Fenders Sizing

  • Standard Fenders - Fit folks 5'5" and taller.
  • Short Fenders - Fit folks 5'4" and smaller.

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